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Argan Oil Is Expensive, But It Will Save You Money!

I know for fact that Argan Oil is Expensive! Now you're telling me using it can save me money?

That's right!

If you'd like to know how, I invite you to keep reading..!

Argan Oil, as we all know, is the new discovery in the beauty market. If you now stop by the beauty section at Walmart or any other stores to buy your usual Shampoo or Conditioner, You will notice a small new section with different new products, with Argan Oil name on all of them! If Argan oil doesn't ring a bell to you, or if maybe heard about it but still, you don't have much information about its uses and benefits, I suggest you read about Argan Oil Benefits before you continue reading.

First Reactions : Argan oil is Expensive & Super Efficient

The thing about Argan Oil, if you ask the end users, most of them will agree on two things.

The first one is that Argan Oil is really efficientand that they're all super happy and surprised with the results they've got.

The second one is, a lot of users are not happy with the high price to buy just a 30ml of Argan Oil, which can roughly last about a month, depending on each individual and the usage frequency.

So why and what makes Argan oil an expensive oil? Let's dive in!

Argan Kernels Are Extracted By Hand

Argan oil is expensive

The hand-process of extracting this magical oil that we detailed in this article is one of the reasons for the high prices. Extracting the kernels from the nuts take longer hours, and as shown on the picture above, the Berber women use their hands and a rock to break the nut and remove Argan Kernels.

But, aren't there other products involving manpower, hand-processes, and still, their prices are reasonable?

That's right!

The other reason is, Argan trees grow in one place in the world (Morocco), which makes its production very limited.

You may be wondering why not planting more trees to increase the production and cover the world needs, and consequently drop the prices! But you should know that Argan trees take about 50 years before starting producing fruits!

That's not all!

You should also know that it takes about 66 lbs. (30 kg) of Argan fruits to produce 33 ounces (1 liter) of Argan oil, which is, if we break it down, about 6 pounds and half for a bottle of 3.7 oz (100ml) that you can buy for about 40 to $70.

Proof That Argan Oil is NOT Expensive

But let's not judge at this point and look at it from a different angle. Allow us to ask you these questions and you can do the math in your head as it'll depend on each one's spending. So, how much do you spend monthly on these articles?
  1. Hand lotion?
  2. Hair moisturizer/ Hair growth oil?
  3. Face oil if you use any?
  4. Skin moisturizer?
  5. How much do you spend on your special shampoo and conditioner?
  6. How much do you spend on your little lips moisturizer

These answers should be more than enough to get you to the point. If the total of money $$ spent on these articles is more than $60, then you really need to re-think about the judgment you have over Argan Oil price!

Do you still think that Argan oil is Expensive?

In my opinion, Argan Oil is way cheaper, and consequently, saving your money!

You're not proving your point! How does this suppose to save me money?

Argan Oil can replace all of these products that we mentioned above!

That's right!

And That's not all!

Argan Oil is a Natural Oil, and the good thing about Natural Oils is that you can use them for other purposes! The list is endless and the results are tremendous!

Celebrities swear with Argan Oil for a reason, and I broke things down so all of as can understand that Argan Oil is actually cheaper than we think, and that you were missing out so much about this liquid gold!

The graphic below mentions 9 of the top Argan Oil benefits that your Skin, Hair & Nails can benefit from.

The last thing we need to share with you about Argan Oil is, to not be fooled by the cheap Argan Oil products on the market.

As a Moroccan team, and with the knowledge we accumulated over the years about this oil, we can sadly say that most of Argan Oil products we've crossed are not pure and content really low percentage of Argan oil.

On the next Article, we will share few tricks to help you choose a High Quality Argan Oil and to Avoid the Fake ones. Until then, Stay Tuned!

Argan oil is expensive

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