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Argan Oil For Hair Loss - A Natural Healthy Hair

If you've made it to this page, then you certainly are looking for a solution for your hair loss, and of course, you've been wondering what are the benefits of Argan oil for hair. You've certainly heard people swearing by Argan oil, and that this oil has completely changed their hair health for better and worked great for hair loss.

This is all true, and there is more!

In this article, to be fair, we will lay down all natural remedies and off counter solutions for the hair loss issues. We will also detail the causes and the symptoms, and why Argan oil for hair is a better choice for you. We also have a small recipe for you, at the end of this article, that you can make today from your kitchen.

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Hair loss (Alopecia)- Causes and Remedies

Before diving in, We need to define "Alopecia" and look closer to the way our hair grows, before starting and treating the hair follicles themselves. We could give away a list of ingredients that might help on the hair loss issue, but again, we might be looking at the wrong direction and fighting the wrong cause.

So, what is Hair loss?

It's when you comb your hair, and every time, you need to remove the lost hair from your comb.

It could be when you take a shower, and every time, you leave some hair laying around .

It's when you get scared after cleaning your vacuum, and you try to remember the last time you cleaned your vacuum to reassure yourself...!

It's all these embarrassing moments..You know!

Argan oil for hair - FromMoroko

The scientific definition calls it Alopecia or just baldness! Hair Loss refers to the loss of hair from the head or other parts of the body. There are many causes and symptoms, and it can be different for different cases. Although the root cause as to what causes hair loss cannot be distinguished to a single unique issue, but various factors together correspond to this problem.

Alopecia Causes and Symptoms

There could be many reasons for which you can encounter the hair loss, some of them could be the environmental factors, health conditions, vitamin/mineral deficiencies or lack of protein intake. However, we have a concise list of various possible causes for hair loss;
  1. Physical stress, depression or related brain disorders can cause hair loss.
  2. Too much consumption of Vitamin A, especially in those who have previously encountered “Night Blindness” could be a problem.
  3. Lack of protein in diet and intake of too much carbohydrate or sugars is among the leading causes.
  4. Male pattern baldness; a specific condition encountered in males after their 50’s due to increased levels of testosterone and distinct gene mapping.
  5. Medical list which could cause hair loss includes anemia, Chemotherapy, Trichotillomania, use of blood thinners and excessive steroids.
  6. Although many environmental processes and demographic distribution can be a crude cause of hair loss.

So, What are the Symptoms of Hair Loss then?

The symptoms are so many, and it's important to know and remember these symptoms to start treating the issue before it's too late. We put a short list of the most common symptoms, and you might, by looking at these symptoms, answer yourself if you're suffering from this issue, or if it's just getting started. The symptoms could be:
  • Thinning of hair on the scalp.
  • Unparalleled twirling and bending of hairs.
  • Circular or patchy bald spots mainly over the crown of the head.
  • Full body hair loss.
  • Excessive hair falls after showering or combing your hair.

A frequent question which comes on banging our ears, again and again, is "How to Stop Hair loss?

Without further Ado let us move towards Hair loss remedies.

Hair Loss Natural Remedies

Argan oil for hair loss

Hair loss remedies refer to the possible treatment option which can bring abrupt results to a specific problem. Considering the hair loss, we'll be discussing various natural or home remedies you can use to prevent hair loss and also fix the weakened tissues. Though these practices may not incur healthy or expected results for serious hair loss patients;

Healthy food intake

As peculiar as it may sound but actually using organic foods can be the best hair loss remedy there is. You will get a substantial number of minerals/vitamins, which can help you fight hair loss.

Pumpkin seeds

Research shows that pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc which repairs weaken tissues of your hairs and allows them to recover.

Green Tea

It helps to perform detoxification which removes various toxins and Beta Blockers from your body, allowing your hairs to grow at a reasonable pace.

Foods to avoid

Regarding the health of your hair and keep it beauty intact, you should prevent Trans fatty foods especially fast foods, Sugars, Alcohol and caffeine altogether. They pose an ill effect upon your hair's health.

Bone Broth

Many natural researchers believe that the bone broth to be high in protein, amino acids and fiber, that's why it could help you preventing the hair loss issue and also help in its growth.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera will help you internally, in balancing your body metabolism and provide the minerals and amino acids necessary. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial proprieties that will help and protect your scalp.

Argan Oil for Hair Loss

Argan oil for hair loss

Argan oil for hair application is one of the best natural solution for hair loss, for many reasons.

1. The anti-inflammatory proprieties of Argan oil for hair application will help your scalp and hair follicles especially from the sudden inflammation that could lead to dandruff, itchiness or irritation.

2. The antibacterial proprieties help in fighting the scalp infections and bacteria buildup.

3. The high content of vitamin E and fatty acid in Argan oil for hair will definitely help in the dry scalp issue.

4. Oleic Acid and Oleic Acid high content is Argan oil for hair application will hugely help in maintaining a healthy scalp conditions, and will control water loss in your hair.

5. Argan oil also protects from the UV rays that could damage your hair.

6. Oleic acid will control water loss in your strands while making your hair softer and more pliable. Argan oil acts as a great hair moisturizer and keep your hair frizz free and manageable.

The list is long and the benefits are so many to count. A regular use of Argan oil for hair will assure you a healthy and natural hair.

Argan oil for hair loss

Other treatments for hair loss

Argan oil for hair loss

As susceptible as it may sound, but there are actually plenty of Hair-loss Treatment options available, some of them can bring real wonders while others also work fine;

1. Minoxidil

An effective biological treatment which causes increased blood flow inside the forehead region causing the follicles to grow more rapidly and thicken.

2. Biotin

It is more of a natural system induced by Vitamin B and being water-soluble can be used as a valid medical treatment for repairing weaken or dead hair tissues.

3. Hair-Boosting shampoos

Some of the users believe that using these shampoos or cosmetic products, they were able to regain their hair and prevent further damage. It works to a possible extent of hairs accepting the treatment.

4. Supplements

Various supplements available in the market, they sure can help in making the hair stronger and healthier but can't promise active recovery of hair caused by genetic and hormonal problems.


Argan oil for hair loss

Using Argan oil for hair is the best and easy way in helping hair loss issues and maintaining a healthy and silky hair. The other various health remedies and treatment were options which can help you to alleviate or fully rectify this annoying issue. Keep in mind that not every method works for all the causes, and in case of severe hair loss contact your physician immediately.

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