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How To Use Argan Oil With Makeup

Different ways of using Argan oil with Makeup

What is Argan oil? Where do we get it from? What are the benefits of it on my beauty? Can I use Argan oil with makeup?  Well, these are the questions which mostly pop in our minds the first time we hear the word Argan oil, right?

This article will answer most, if not all, of your questions, and specially the last one in details.

Argan oil is mainly extracted from the kernels of Argan tree which is uniquely prevalent in Morocco. A thick layer covers the conical, round, oval and small Argan tree fruit inside of which is pulpy flesh. The nut consists of three kernels rich in oil; this is where the oil is extracted from.

In Morocco, the culinary Argan oil is used to make "Amlou", and also to dip the bread for breakfast with some Moroccan tea. The cosmetic Argan oil is totally different from the culinary one, and making the difference between the two is really important.

Other than this, cosmetic argan oil is also used for numerous different skin and hair problems as well. Acne, zits, pimple, split-ends, frizz or flyaways. Apart from this, you also can use it with makeup to give you a flawless and perfect look, and most importantly, a really good care and prevention against all the harsh chemicals coming from the makeup products, that could affect your beautiful skin badly.

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Let's dive right in and see the list of different ways of using Argan oil with makeup.

A Perfect Natural Base For Your Foundation

Argan oil with makeup

Applying makeup to a naked skin could have serious skin issues in the long run, that's why you always need to protect your skin. Primers and cream moisturizers come in handy in these situations, they have the role of creating a bridge between your skin care and your makeup.

What if this bridge is made of natural ingredients? isn't this the whole purpose, which is protecting your skin?

Argan oil is much better than this, it will not just create that protective barrier, but also, will lock in the skin moisture, control the sebum for oily skin type, and mainly, provide vitamin E and Linoleic acid to your skin, all day, and while you can still enjoy your makeup.

It's a great protection and rejuvenation shield from nature, that can go with any type of skin and foundation.

  • Apply 2 drops to your palm (1 drop for oily skin) and rub your hands together, then apply it to your face and neck.
  • Then apply your foundation as usual.

The great thing about Argan oil with makeup is, the oil plays a role of a moisturizer as well. It's a huge advantage for dry skin type, since you can have the benefits of using one oil to replace two products.

A perfect lip balm

Argan oil with makeup for lips

Lips become dry and crack-y during winters which can be irritable and painful. If lip balms and lip glosses aren’t working, then you probably need Argan oil to make your lips moisturized and soothed. Adding Argan oil to your lipstick can make your lips nourished, creamed and moisturized to a great extent. Furthermore, you can rub a few drops of Argan oil on your lips to make them soft and smooth

Treat your cuticles and nails

Argan oil with makeup for nails

Do you have a weak nails and dry cuticles and it's bothering you? Argan oil is the perfect solution. Apply 1 to 2 drops of Argan oil on your cuticles and rub is thorough. It will not only cure the dry skin but will also help in moisturizing the nails and give them a healthy growth.

Another way of using Argan oil for your nails is to mix a couple drops with a few drops of lemon juice, and apply them to your nails, once a day. It'll help in strengthening your nails and prevent them from breaking easily. Moreover, Argan oil will also help to treat fungal infections.

Night Cream and Argan oil

Do you use night cream but find it ineffective? Well, if yes, then there is an ultimate solution for your dry skin. After applying the night cream, use 1 to 2 drops of Argan oil on your palm and rub it on your face and neck. The best thing about liquid gold is that it absorbs into the skin rapidly without leaving any greasy impression on your skin.


Using Argan oil with makeup isn't just a new way of protecting your skin, but this miraculous oil is the new beauty trend taking over so many products. Imagine if you can have one product that can replace multiple products, on a daily basis. Argan oil will not just help you in protection your skin, but it will, eventually, nourish it and stop the fine aging lines.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article, please share your experiences with us or leave your comments, and we'll be happy to get back to you.

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