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Did You Know These Argan Tree Mysteries? [Testimonial]


As a Moroccan, I knew lot about Argan tree and Argan Oil specially, and I remember when I was a kid, dipping bread in Culinary Argan Oil and enjoying the unique taste in my mouth with some Moroccan tea. I also remember, back in the 90's when mom asked my sister who works and lives in Agadir, south of Morocco (one of the areas where Argan trees grow) to bring us Argan Oil when she's coming to visit us on her vacation.

It was pretty damn hard to get your hands on Argan Oil, and if you do, you'll be fooled, because not so many distributors were selling the virgin one. It was and still pretty hard to get your hands on Argan Oil, not mentioning that the price was and still expensive.


I also remember, when I visited my family in Agadir, I remember watching my Aunt making Amlou! It's a famous Oil in Morocco which can be obtained by grinding both Argan Oil and Almonds, manually using a traditional Millstone.


I've known a lot about Argan Oil since I was a child, but I never knew some mysteries about the Argan Tree.

The quantities produced back then were kind of satisfying the demand, which was mostly a local demand. But the discovery of the cosmetic benefits raised flags about Argan Oil production.

The trees need about 50 years at least before starting producing Argan fruits! Can you imagine? the average lifespan for these trees is about 200 years old, which kinda saved the existence of this Golden Oil.



Another mystery that I ignored is, each Argan tree produces 30 kg (about 66 lbs) of Argan fruits. Now you think that this can produce at least few liters of Argan Oil, Right?! WRONG!!

The 30 kg is enough to produce ONE liter of Argan Oil, Can you believe that? I'm not sure if you know about the extraction process, but, Berber women remove the black flesh first, then crack the nuts to extract the kernels which is cold-pressed to extract the cosmetic Argan Oil. So from 30 kg, you're down to about 2 kg of Kernels, to 1 liter of Argan Oil.


The production is not high enough to satisfy the demand, these days, as Argan Oil became one of the top beauty products worldwide. About 2 Billions liters of Olive Oil is the annual production, versus 4 millions liters of Argan Oil. As you can tell, this is one of the reasons that makes Argan Oil an expensive Oil to Buy.

Believe it or not, if you're buying pure Argan Oil for 40 or $50 a bottle, You are lucky! All statistics and numbers and Forecasts are leading to one conclusion : Sooner or later, This price won't buy you 10 ml from this precious oil.


I kept the best for the last. You may have heard about the acrobatic goats who climb to the Argan trees to eat Argan fruits, then spit out the precious nuts. Some scientists are saying that this process might be the reason why Argan Oil is growing only in the south of Morocco and not anywhere else in the world, and some give credits to these lands and the special weather, but in both ways, Argan trees can only grow in this area, which make this Oil again very rare and precious.


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