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Don't Be Fooled, They're NOT Selling You Best Quality Argan Oil!

As I detailed in my previous article, Pure Argan Oil might be expensive or cheap, depending on the angle from where you are seeing things. The issue is not at this point, but bigger than that. We need to ask ourselves the question : I'm paying more money for my Argan Oil, does it mean I'm getting the best quality Argan Oil?

In this article, I will try and answer this question, based on my modest experience using Argan oil, and being around thousands if not millions of Moroccan men and women who always took a great pleasure in sharing their experiences on this subject.

Am I getting the best quality Argan oil ?

The answer is yes and no!

Surprising, i know! But, it all depends on your supplier and his quality standards. If you think your supplier knows about the Argan Oil quality he is selling you, I'd say you're a little bit naive!

The judgment always comes to you, the consumer, and if you don't know how to make the difference between what's pure and what's not, you'll end up paying a big shank of money for something you can get x3 cheaper, and of course you'll be disappointed of the results, after using it for few weeks.

Let's not worry so much, I want you to shake all this off and focus with me. Today, you'll know better about this Liquid Gold than your supplier!

The Difference Between Best Quality Argan Oil Vs Fake Quality


First thing first, check on the label of the oil you're buying, and look for : 100% Argan Oil and certified organic, the oil must be 100% from Argan kernel, not mixed with any other ingredient.

     2. Method of Processing

The second thing to look for is "Cold-pressed". If it's not cold-pressed, you don't need to keep looking. Cold pressing the oil is the method used to get 100% benefits of the Argan kernels.

     3. Manufacturer

Now that you checked these off your list, you need to confirm that the source of the oil is Morocco! You might not now that, but the only country in the world from where you can get Argan oil is Morocco. if it's manufactured somewhere else, then the oil is definitely not pure.

     4. Containment

Argan oil degrades if it's not protected from light, if the bottle used is not an amber bottle or other type of bottle that could potentially protect the oil from light, then it's definitely a high issue to consider. Once you verify all these elements, I need you to check two more things that are really pertinent:

     5. The Scent

Many consumers think that Argan Oil should be unscented, and that's a big mistake. Argan Oil has a mild nutty scent, at first. The scent disappears after 2 or 3 minutes of the application. A strong scent is suspicious and must be avoided!

     6. Absorbs Quickly

Argan oil is a dry oil as it is called, because it absorbs quickly. To confirm that, you need to perform a quick test. On your hand, add one drop of the Argan oil you're trying to buy, and massage it gently. if the oil doesn't absorb in few minutes, it's definitely not a good oil.

Best Quality Argan Oil Vs Fake Argan Oil

FromMoroko Team resumed all the points we discussed above, in one simple infographic, for an easy access and share. I invite your to read and share with your friends and post everywhere so we can, together, limit selling and promising us fake oil instead of best quality Argan oil.

Please do not hesitate to share your points or comments on this matter, to improve this infographic. There are other methods, per say, helpful to make the difference between a fake and original oil, such as heating up the oil to a certain temperature, or to place a sample in the fridge. We are not 100% sure these methods give an accurate idea about the oil, so we excluded them from this checklist.


In conclusion

If you follow all these tips that I shared with you, I can promise you that you'll be spending your money at the right place and buying the best quality Argan oil (Even if I don't want you to spend it somewhere else than FromMoroko Lol) But the key here, is to share the information and limit ruining the image of this miraculous oil.

Be aware that there are two different Argan Oils : Cosmetic Vs Culinary Argan Oil. The extraction process is a step different, as the kernels needs to be roasted before pressed, and that's what makes the culinary Argan oil color darker, and also the scent is so much stronger.

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