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What Makes Prickly Pear Seed Oil The Best Anti-Aging Oil ?!

Are you saying Prickly Pear Seed Oil is more Powerful than Argan Oil?

If you have a lot of faith in Argan Oil, don't loose it, but the answer is yes and no! If we do a full comparison between Prickly pear seed oil vs Argan oil, Argan oil always wins, not for the fatty acids high content though, but for its content balance and its multi-purpose usage. But hold on...! On the other hand, Prickly pear seed oil is unique when it comes to anti-aging properties. If a smooth and young skin is always what you looked for, if you've tried all different lotions and moisturizers and nothing got you the results you wished, Try Prickly Pear Seed Oil.

prickly pear seed oil

FromMoroko Came up With The Unique Anti-Aging Formula, Which is Balanced Between Argan Oil & Prickly Pear Seed Oil, 100% USDA Certified Organic. 

High Concentration of Anti-Aging Elements...!

prickly pear seed oilThe analyses of the seeds oil of this fruit showed the highest content of Linoleic fatty acid, more than any other natural plant or fruit, including Argan Oil. What does this mean...? The high content of Linoleic acid puts Prickly pear seed oil on top of the anti-aging oils. The high moisturizing proprieties are unique, consequently, will improve the skin elasticity and reduce the skin wrinkles. That's not all! This precious oil is highly concentrated in Vitamin E, and the analyses show about 62% content of Linoleic fatty acid, more than Argan Oil (35%). it also contains 21% of the Oleic fatty acid and 14% of Palmitic acid. 


prickly pear seed oil

Powerful Anti-Aging Proprieties

Did you know? The high concentration of Linoleic Acid in Prickly pear seeds oil makes it the most powerful anti-aging oil formed by nature. Linoleic Acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid and is part of the Omega 6 fatty acids. The study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, demonstrated that Linoleic Acid has large benefits on improving senile dryness (skin aging). Which means? Prickly pear seed oil will help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles depth. And even more, restore the skin elasticity and smoothness.

Tightens Pores & Restores Elasticity

That's right..! The fatty acid contained in prickly pear seeds oil not only stops the slow-down of the collagen production, but a German study stated that it also help and encourage a new collagen production. In other words, The regular usage of this oil will give your skin strength and elasticity, and will keep its layers healthy and tightens its pores.

Other Prickly Pear Seed Oil Proprieties

As shown on the Graphic above, Prickly Pear seeds oil has many benefits on your skin. The oil is non-comedogenic (non-greasy) and absorbs quickly into the skin. It is a great skin moisturizer and prevents from the free-radicals. It also boosts the skin rejuvenation and help brightening the under-eye circles due to the Vitamin K content. That's not all...! The antioxidant proprieties help on the skin issues and inflammation. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory proprieties treats different skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Also, The regular use of Prickly pear seed oil protects the skin barrier, increases the skin moisture and lowers the water loss.

Specific Weather To Obtain Full Benefits...! 

prickly pear seed oil

Why Morocco? FromMoroko Prickly Pear Seed Oil is originated from Morocco. You may be wondering why not South America, or Mexico or United States? The opuntia needs a specific weather to obtain full benefits from the fruit and the seeds. And? Some European Analyses confirmed that Prickly Pear seed oil of certain area in Morocco contains a high concentration of Linoleic Acid, which is the main anti-aging element, a lot more than any other region.

Expensive Extraction Process...!

Why is it Expensive? One fruit contains about 200 to 300 seeds, the reason why it requires more manpower, and consequently, making the process difficult and long for removing and cleaning the small seeds. The seeds are pretty tiny, and only contain about 4 to 6% of oil. The process of extracting the oil takes longer hours than any other oil extraction process. As a result, this makes the cost of prickly pear seed oil extremely high. At about $2,000 per liter (approximately 34 US fluid ounces), prickly pear seed oil is the most expensive carrier oil on the market. You can obtain the oil from cold-pressing the tiny seeds of Prickly Pear, AKA as Ficus Indica. Moroccan people consumes this fruit for ages due to its health benefits. If you didn't have the chance to try it, you should. The taste is sweet and the benefits are tremendous.

It can take as much as half a ton of the prickly pear fruits to produce 1 liter of this precious and expensive anti-aging oil.

How do I Apply Prickly pear seed oil?

Wrinkles causes are multiple, and the prevention is unique : Skin care! There are other unhealthy ways to reduce wrinkles and give your skin that young look, therefore, there are healthy and safe ways of preventing the age look. The prevention or care starts right now with the healing Proprieties of this magical oil, due to the high concentration of Vitamins (E & K) and Fatty Acids. Prickly pear seeds oil effect on fine lines are huge and efficient, and combining it with Argan Oil will ensure you the Hunza young looking that you always wanted. The application is fairly easy :
  • Clean your face with Soap from impurities.
  • Massage a few drops on your face, day or night.

Why FromMoroko Products?

Beside believing in our products from different angles, there are many other reasons to choose FromMoroko Prickly Pear seed Oil & Argan Oil:
  • Our Product is Certified 100% USDA Organic
  • 100% Natural with No Chemicals or Fillers
  • Our manufacturer is in Morocco, which means the product comes straight from Morocco to your hands.
  • This Formula is unique, Which guarantee you Prickly pear seed oil Benefits and Argan oil Benefits.
  • Price is super competitive
  • Either Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back
  • Our Policy is Your 100% Satisfaction.


So, Have you tried this miraculous oil? Please share your experience on the comment section below.

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